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Our Mission

Rosewood Industries, Inc. was established in October of 1988 in Eastern Oklahoma in the quaint town of Stigler. Our 49,770 square foot manufacturing facility is just a short drive from one of the nation’s largest lakes, Lake Eufaula, and only minutes from the Ozark Mountains. We’ve curated a team of approximately 30 employees, consisting of craftsmen, artists, and designers. Our team works every day to create a strong sense of pride in the quality and service that we offer to our customers and our community.

We don’t just build custom cabinetry at Rosewood. We make it our company mission to exceed the expectations of our customers. We incorporate state of the art technology and equipment, which enables us to offer unique designs to fit any lifestyle; all the while providing the very best service, meeting superior quality standards, and offering competitive pricing on commercial and residential cabinetry that is made entirely in the USA!

Our Mission

Our team

mary 'liz' byars

Vice President

Mary, who goes by Liz, grew up in Stigler, Ok and has built her life here as an adult with her husband and three children. She began working for Deloris E. Roye and her company CES, Inc in 2004. CES is the parent company of Twin Lakes Inn where Liz was the manager, until it sold in May of 2019. She has since stepped into other roles that have been required of her, ultimately leading her to become a stockholder and the Vice President here at Rosewood Industries Inc.

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